We want to create an environment that promotes and inspires people in their passion for cosplaying, crafting, photography, illustrations, character development. We are dedicated to helping you create the life and possibilities you want and deserve. We’ll be here, beside you, to lift, support, embrace and inspire.



We locate manufactures/distributors and establish direct relationships that allow us to provide you with customizable products almost at cost of production. If there is a character you want that you cant find let us know. 


We are a group of Otakus brought together to expand our love for the culture. We’re obsessed with the possibilities of bringing the characters we love to life.  Our goal from day one is to enjoy all things anime. While helping others discover their passion in Anime as well and in January 2020, we originally opened a brick-and-mortar store in Highland CA but thanks to COVID we took a massive loss, and our dreams were absolutely dashed. 

Its not just a hobby its a lifestyle! We use social media to create a productive space for cosplayers and enthusiasts. We encourage you to put your skills to the test through competition by offering give aways that include event tickets and various products. 

I work to support my hobby. So If you asked me which I’d choose, my job or my hobby, my hobby takes priority. – Youji Itami