SFX Makeup Wax Kit: Fake Blood & Wound Simulation



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Transform your makeup game with our ‘SFX Makeup Wax Kit’. Specifically designed for professional use, this kit delivers realistic and authentic wound simulations. Its unique formula, originated from Mainland China, ensures full color, delicate touch, and complete safety. The kit’s standout feature is its fake blood gel that merges seamlessly with the skin, ensuring that your makeup looks as realistic as possible. Moreover, the included dual-end scraper aids in creating precise injuries, ranging from scratches to deep wounds. With a shelf life of three years, 30g content, and storage ease in cool, dry places, this kit is your perfect companion for any theatrical or cosplay venture. Experience the fusion of quality and creativity!”


    1. Full color and a delicate touch, thanks to its gypsum-made content.
    2. Safe for skin with no odor.
    3. Realistic fake blood gel for authentic makeup simulations.
    4. Double-ended scraper for versatile wound designs.
    5. Originates from Mainland China, ensuring quality.
    6. A three-year shelf life.
    7. 30g net content for extended use.
    8. Simple storage in cool, dry places.


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SFX Makeup Wax Kit: Fake Blood & Wound Simulation